RL Conferences and Workshops

Looking to get involved in the AI communtiy, what better way then to attend some summits, submit some papers, and see what people are working on. Most of these have both online and in person options. I recommend the online if you can’t get to the location.

Work Shops, Conferences, and Submits

image European Workshop on Reinforcement Learning
Dates: paper submission early summer, event end of summer Location: european destination

Embodied AI workshop

Habiat Ai challenge
Primarily simulated home robot navigation and control challenges.

CVPR - Computer Vision & Patter Recognition 2023

Many workshops are associated with CPVR. It contains the Embodied AI workshops. link to the current conference
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CVF - Computer Vision Foundation

The organization hosts a vairety of conferences that are worth keeping in your calendar. Upcoming CVF Sponsored Conferences
ICCV 2023: October 2nd – 6th, Paris, France
WACV 2024: January 3rd – 7th, Waikoloa Village, Hawaii
CVPR 2024: June 17th – 21st, Seattle, Washington


World Summit AI Americas

For us Canadians, the event is in montreal.
World Summit of AI


Here are some more lists List of conferences